Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode 6th April 2022 Written Update Will Aarav Find Simar to Apologize

Sasural Simar Ka

Another day with some more twists Sasural Simar Ka 2 has become even more interesting with every episode. We have been watching that Oswals were going through problems and they all were doubting Gagan for Gajendra’s state but now the entire family has shocked because Gajendra has revealed that Gagan did not shoot him and even tried to do the same but it was someone else who did that and perhaps everyone knows them. So, the latest episode brings something unexpected so stay here till the end.

So, the SSK2 tonight episode begins with Simar thanking Mata Rani, as she is at Vaishno Devi so when she gets sight of the goddess. There, Aarav searched for her recalling whatever he said to her. Himself, he then says that he will apologize for everything that he has done in past with her. He then goes to Yamini’s house in the search of her while she gets stopped at the main door by the guards who tell him that no one is there inside the house, Aarav then thinks that Simar must have gone to her house so he decides to go to Narayan House, he then gets bit tear in her eyes saying that soon he will make everything fine as before after apologizing to her.

As Aarav is nervous now so he fumbles everywhere thinking that this time he should not to her house directly so he decides to call Gagan to know if Simar is there. He makes a call to him and asks the same. Gagan asks him if everything is fine, Aarav then says that everything is fine now and he just got to know that he is not the culprit and it was confirmed by his own father. Gagan gets a bit happy Aarav says that everyone now knows that he was assured by his family but it was not him who pulled the trigger and everyone knows about it now.

Aarav then requests him to forgive all of them because they did very wrong not only to him but also to his family and now their eyes have opened and they got to know that he and his entire family was innocent. Gagan says don’t apologize, please, I have a request, we can forget all this and move on, apologize to Simar, she has taken all the blame on her head. Aarav says that he knows about it and now he wants to repent everything but he does not know about Simar’s whereabouts. The episode ends here, follow for more updates.:

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