Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode 7th April 2022 Will Simar Come Back in The House Again

With each and every episode, the makers of the show are making Sasural Simar Ka 2 interesting enough to gather the attention of its audience as you all know that in the show the characters have been dealing with many problems daily, and now finally it seems like things are going to sort in Oswals. In the previous episode, we watched that finally, Oswals got to know that Gagan is innocent, and as soon as Aarav gets to know about it, he rushes to Simar to apologize.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Latest Updates  Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode 7th April 2022 Will Simar Come Back in The House Again Ssk

So, the episode begins with Badi Maa talking to her family saying that she loves everyone and it is unconditionally, she then says to Vivaan not to be worried because the entire family is with him and he should not be worried thinking of anything. Gajendra nods saying Yes… you are the most loved kid of this house and should be happy. Vivaan still standing silently and feeling guilty, everyone says that he should not take tension and not even think of what he has done. Vivaan says that he did a big mistake and he did wrong with Simar and can’t forgive himself.

Vivaan continues by saying that he even promised her that he will always be there to support her but he did not be on his words and hurt his Bhabhi. He then says them that Bhai has to bring her back into the house because she is the one with whom happiness stays a bit longer. Everyone looks at her and Reema standing there looks at Chitra who is crying, while Reema says her not to shedding crocodile tears. Vivaan says that not only he but everyone did wrong with Simar and when she will come back into the house they all will have to apologize to her.

Chitra says that she is really feeling bad today, Reema says that no one will wrap into her jargon. He then says her to leave and take some rest because soon she will have to walk out of the house and perhaps at that time she will need some energy.  She then says that perhaps Narayan’s are not equal in the terms of status but in values, no one can emulate them and they can even sacrifice their life for each other. The episode ends here, stay connected with us to get more updates on daily soaps.

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