Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode Written Update Aarav gets Simar finally

Sasural Simar Ka

Well, with every episode of the show called Sasural Simar Ka 2 the makers are getting success in attracting the audience better than before. In the previous episode, we watched that Aarav and Samar are facing each other where Samar tells Simar why she is wasting her time on her cheater husband and why she is letting her cheater husband ruin her dream for which she was dreaming for a long time. He taunts her, while Yamini says Simar to go and record and she will talk to her husband.

So, the latest episode of the show begins with, Yamini and Aarav talking where he thanks her, while she replies that she just wants him and simar to be happy and together, and today as they are the same so she is happy and there is no need to thanks her. He then smiles and goes to get his Simar. Samar there looks at him and asks him if he can help him to pick up the luggage after all it all belongs to his wife. Aarav then says him sorry and then thanks while Samar gets fumed at him saying that he is just her so-called husband because his family keeps humiliating Simar but he never takes a stand for her. Meanwhile, Aarav gets angry too and says him to be within his limits because that would be better for him, Simar comes there and see Aarav and Samar in a verbal spat where Samar is rebuking Aarav, for the past.

Samar then asks him why he is getting angry at him after all he is telling the reality. Aarav replies that he not getting angry at him because he knows very well that Samar does not know about family dynamics and a family is made by love, mothers, and having the concern for everyone in the family and Simar knows it very well and whatever has happened was something that they should not talk about again.

Samar then asks him if it’s okay if it is all about family and whatever he said but what about her dream, is that nothing to him, or he just does not consider them. Aarav replies that it is his personal ambition and Simar’s heart knows it very well, that what Simar and her dreams mean to him is because they want their dream to be fulfilled with their parent’s blessings. The episode ends here. Follow to read upcoming episodes udpates.

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