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SBS on Demand: The Congregation, Cardo.


Swedish true crime thriller The Congregation and Spanish dramedy, Cardo both premiere at SBS on Demand, on Thursday, 22 September.

The Congregation
All six episodes available to stream. In Swedish with English subtitles.
This adaptation of the Jonas Bonnier novel Knutby: The Day of the Lord, centres on the notorious real-life Swedish cult murder in Knutby that shook the nation in 2004. In the summer of 1999, soul-searching Anna (Alba August) moves to Knutby, a small village not far from Stockholm, Sweden, to start her new life in the tight-knit Pentecostal community. There is something extraordinary about Knutby, the leadership within the congregation โ€˜knowsโ€™ that the Second Coming of Christ will occur in their little village. And when Christ returns, he will take his bride. Slowly, the idyllic faรงade that surrounds the Congregation begins to disintegrate, revealing a sex cult and sinister web of intrigue, in which a deeply rooted and dangerous devotion to faith drives Anna to kill in the name of the Lord. The Congregation also stars Sara Alexandersson, and Edvin Bredefeldt.

All six episodes available to stream. In Spanish with English subtitles.
Cardo tells the story of Marรญa (Ana Rujas), a Madrid girl in her thirties with seemingly not a lot to offer to the world. Hooked to drugs and to unwinding through toxic and sexual relationships, she hates her body while using it to achieve ephemeral challenges. Faced with such a sense of emptiness, she tries to turn her life around and sets out to help Puri (Juani Ruiz), a 65-year-old woman whose neighbourhood flower shop is about to be closed. After a humiliating encounter with her last partner, an accident will change her life and force her to face some uncomfortable truths.

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