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SD Corrupted? See How to repair corrupted SD card



This is the most commonly used procedure to repair a connected storage media to your computer.

Step number one.

Open my computer or This pc, Then select the corrupted drive and Right-click. Click format in the drop-down in the menu. Click Restore Device Defaults in the pop-up window.

Click start to begin the format process. You can uncheck the quck format option if you want the computer to deep scan the drive/card for errors but this will take time. So, uncheck it only if you fail in the first attempt

Step number two

Click ok in the next dialog box which will warn you that the data will be lost. The format process will complete in a few moments, and you will have your error-free SD card or pen drive.

The steps will show you how to repair your SD card and if not work at you don’t worry may another simple trick will come. You can do this if even you have phone but is best in computer.

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