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With Lenny Tavarez and Mariah Angeliq, Colombian Sebastián Yatra performs a video for the song Si me la Haces. Yatra debuts the video for his track Si me la Haces with Lenny and Mariah. The album is getting viral because of his multimedia efforts. The artist’s musical popularity has moved to the sector of Audiovisuals, and he is now working on adventures as an actor and track performance as well. Yatra, despite being busy hasn’t stopped releasing new music material to his fans in the recent few weeks. On Tuesday, April 19, Yatra debuted the video for his track Sime la Haces. Daniel Duran directed the video for the album’s song “Dharma. Sebastián Yatra, Tavares, and Mara Angelique are starrer in the video, which is set to a reggae beat and we can see them singing the song. Follow Our website CmaTrends for the latest updates!!!!!

Sebastian Yatra Video

If you do it to me is a love triangle song in which Yatra and Tavarez compete for the role of Mariah Ageliq’s lover. The same idea is carried over to the images in the work as Yatra and Tavarez meet in an office setting. They fill out a form to apply for a “job” there first. ‘Dharma’ is a 17-song album that spans genres and has amassed over 5.7 billion streams. It also topped Spotify’s US and World Premiere rankings. It also debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Latin Albums and Latin Digital Song Sales charts. This multi-platinum album demonstrates the Colombian performer’s and composer’s flexibility in spanning genres such as folk, reggae, pop, urban, and cumbia.

Sebastian Yatra Video Leaked

Five Latin American Music Awards have been nominated for the artist’s rhythmic diversity and vocal quality, which will be held on Thursday, April 21. The success of Red Heels drew the attention of a lot of people. The dual lingual version’s success went viral on social media and landed in Tik Tok’s top ten. The artist’s career has been helped by nominations for Latin American Music Awards, and

Sebastian Yatra Video Leaked On Twitter

He is also building a position for himself in the cinema and television industries, most notably with Dos Oruguitas from the film “Encanto” at the Academy’s 94th Awards. The two aspirants were immediately put through their paces in the examination process, where Mariah Ageliq assessed their abilities as a couple. ‘Dharma’ is a 17-song album that spans genres and has taken over 5.7 billion streams.


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