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See 5 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Phone



5 Things You Can Do With your Smartphone Aside Chatting

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc are used for chatting with our friends, family members etc across the other end. Technology has made it possible that with your smartphone, through communication either by phone calls or text messages that you can connect to someone far away from you.

Using the social media is not bad but too much usage of it makes it bad. Some of us waste alot of megabytes (MB) on social media chatting, watching and downloading meaningless songs and videos. Don’t you know you could be earning with your smartphone?

Here are somethings you can do with your phone aside chatting:

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1. Making Research

With the help of phone, data plans, etc every vital information becomes accessible. You be confused about one thing or the other, instead of wandering in ignorance, why not pick up your phone, go straight to Google and search what you’re looking for. Definitely, you will get a positive answer.

Aside making Research, you can as well make money using your smartphone. There’s a platform I would like to introduce you to, called POLARISPAY PLATFORM, it pays with or without referral. Copy this link and paste on your browser to message me directly on Whatsapp:

2. Use it as a mouse and keyboard

With Remote Mouse, an app you can download from both iTunes and Google Play, you can use your phone as a wireless keyboard and mouse for your computer.

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3. Measure your heart rate

There’s heaps of cool health and exercise related applications for your phone, and one of them even checks your pulse.

With the Instant Heart Rate app (free on both iOS and Android), simply touch the screen with your finger and the phone’s camera will scan your blood flow to calculate your pulse rate.

 4. Measure a distance

5. Test your remote control