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See 5 Things A Woman Should Not Do In The Presence Of A Man.



Women are more fragile than men and need to be protect themselves from men, especially aggressive ones. Not that they should not go closer to men, but they should go closer and not do certain things that will make men take advantage of them. Because if men are stronger and they can not resist their aggressive approach.

There have been many relationship that have ended just because tries to take advantage of a woman because she is undressing in his presence and the woman refused to yield to his approach and then the man becomes aggressive after which he might regret his actions later but by then, the relationship has ended.

There are 5 things a woman should not do in the presence of a man that this article will tell us. They are:

1. Undressing and dressing in the presence of a man.


2. Urinating in their presence.

3. Farting.

4. Scratching sensitive parts in their presence of a man.

5. Drinking too much and then getting drunk or sleeping.

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