See Greg Mathis Jr.’s Boyfriend Elliott Pop the Question

Greg Mathis Jr.’s longtime boyfriend Elliott Cooper has a very special question for him on the season finale of E!’s Mathis Family Matters.

“Greg, you know I love you, so I wanted to ask you something,” Elliott tells Greg Jr. while at dinner with the rest of the Mathis family in this sneak peek. Kneeling down on one knee, he hands Greg Jr. a box, saying, “Take this.”

As the family watches in anticipation, Elliott continues, “We’ve been together for a very long time. We’ve been through a whole lot together. I couldn’t be here without you, and with that, I wanted to ask, will you…move to L.A. with me?”

The entire dinner table erupts in laughter as Greg Jr. accepts his boyfriend’s proposal with an enthusiastic, “I sure will!” Inside the box is a set of matching grills, one for him and one for Elliott.

It’s not long before the group realizes Greg Jr. was in on the whole thing, as he turns around with his shiny teeth and announces, “We’re moving to L.A.!”

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