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See How To Make your own handcraft sweeping brooms and sell to make Profit



Broom is a cleaning tool usually made from stiff fibers attached together and roughly parallel to a cylindrical handle.

Brooms are used in sweeping our homes. It sweeps out dirt from every corner of the house. Brooms are usually used in every homes for cleanliness of the environment. It is made from Palm fronds. Broom making business is highly profitable and lucrative. Brooms can be made in different sizes and forms. Brooms can also be in form of brushes with Plastic or wooden handles at the top. Before we look into broom making business lets see some brooms we use in our homes in different shapes and sizes.

Handcrafted Palm Frond Sweeping Brooms

The Corn Broom

Handcraft Palm frond Sweeping Brooms

Standard Brush Broom

With the increasing population of Nigeria comes an increase also in the number of households, schools, hospitals, religious worship centres, commercial and industrial complexes all needing devices to remove waste and keep their immediate environment clean, although a variety of cleaning devices and equipment are available hence the demand for traditionally made brooms is huge and not readily met and therefore has led to mechanised system of making brooms.

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Lets see the Craft of How to Make Locally Palm Fronds handcrafted Sweeping Brooms like this one shown below

Equipment needed for making brooms

The main raw material for making Hand crafted sweeping brooms are palm frond leaves gotten from Palm tree.

Razor Blade or Knife ( Manual cutting and trimming of the petioles of the palm frond)

Razor Blade

or Knife

Broom cutter( Machinery cutting and trimming of the brooms)

Steps in Making Sweeping brooms

1) Source for Fresh Palm Fronds from the palm tree

2) Let the Fresh Palm frond leaves dried up and Cut off the petioles

3) The petioles will be removed from the frond and stacked into a pile then the petioles will be headed into the palm frond stripping machine for stripping. This can be done in bathes and brooms will be made, if you don’t have to use machinery you can also use your hands ( manual method) with the use of sharp knife or razor blade to strip petioles from palm fronds leaves as the image of the woman using knife to cut petioles from palm frond leaves.

4) After Cutting the petioles you have a stick of broom obtained and as many petioles that are trimmed you obtained so many sticks of brooms from it and are later tied with rope to the end which now becomes bunch of broom

Making Money from from Palm frond Brooms

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You can make money as producer, distributor or a retailer depending on your capacity. Selling of matured long palm frond broom tied with plastic tapings thread is highly lucrative and profitable. You can start with a minimal capital of N50,0000- N2,000,000. In investing in Palm frond broom business you have good profit margin return for your investment.