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See How To Treat Scabies A.K.A Sweetie Or Craw Craw Effectively



Scabies popularly known as sweetie or craw craw in Nigeria is a parasitic infestation of the skin caused by the mite sarcoptes scabei . The mite ‘ sarcoptes scabei ‘ lay eggs in the surface of the skin and burrow to the skin , which the body reacts to the eggs and mite, resulting in multiple itchy rashes that can be infected by bacteria .

The symtoms of scabies are ; itching that is very sweet when scratched that is worse at night , and rashes commonly in the buttocks , private parts , waist region , knee , wrist , web spaces, ankle, and the armpit . The rashes can occur in other parts , but the rashes don’t occur in the head and neck .

Scabies is a communicable disease . It can be gotten through the use of towel , beddings , cloths belonging to an infected person , close contact and sexual intercourse .

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The treatment of scabies is very extensive . The treatment of scabies is divided into non- drug and drug treatment , and note , both are very important in eradicating scabies as scabies is a very stubborn stuff to eradicate .

Non- drug treatment ;

This include;

1 washing of clothes , towel , beddings with a strong detergent and sunning them for like 3 days .

2. Bathing of warm water

3. Use of Tetmosol soap , because it contains a scabicide

4 . Cut nails

Drug treatment;

1 . Benzyl Benzoate; This a lotion , rub this lotion after bathing warm water , then after 24hrs bath warm water again , then rub again . This helps in killing the mite. Please note; rub every part except the head and neck

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2. Loratadine tablet ; this helps in reducing the itching

3. Use antibiotics , if there is superimposed bacterial infection .

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