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See The 51 Years Old Woman Who Is Carring a Child For Her Daughter’s Husband(Photos).



Breanna Lockwood who live in Chicago in the united states has shocked the internet with a very unusual revelation that her 51 years old mother will carrying her baby.

  Breanna has an infertility problem which she shares online on Facebook and her Instagram page. she took to her Instagram page few weeks ago to reveal that she and her husband Aaron will be expecting a child, but with the help of her mother Julie who will be the surrogate mother to her grandchild. She uploaded a photo of her and her husband holding the announcement board, while her mother Julie was holding her hands in the background. The capture on the board is “made with lots of love and a little bit of science.”

   She gave her follower on Instagram an insight into the process leading to her own mother carrying her grandchild. She said that her mother is her “biggest support.” She continues “my beautiful mother is carrying her future grandchild as a gestational carrier!

  A gestational carrier is a woman who carries another person’s biological child without donating any of her own eggs of DNA.

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   At first doctors did not agree for the 51 years old woman to carry the baby because the standard cut off age for being a surrogate mother is 45 years. But her doctor later changes his mind when he met the 51 years old Julie who Is a keen marathon runner. 

  Breanna also talk about her struggle of keeping a pregnancy after getting pregnant. She also reveals that she has had two miscarriages in the past years.

  Below are what fans on social media said about the unusual story;

“This is the ultimate gift of a mother’s unconditional love”

Another person wrote;

“Beautiful story”

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Someone else wrote also that;

“This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen”

  Although other people did not welcome the ideal, their reply where epic.

“I don’t know how I feel about that but congrats”

Another said “If you are happy, that’s all that matters.”

“That is a trip,” another said. 

See more photos of the family. 

Breanna and her husband’s wedding pics

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