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See The Face Of The Kid Armed Robber That Has Been Terrorising Victoria Island With a Toy Gun



A Toyota Corolla car,five tricycles,lots of mobile phones and a huge amount of money amounting into millions of naira is enough to make Ajayi Lateef and his gang quit armed robbery,considering the fact that they were able to successfully do so with a toy gun,Ajayi aged 19 have instilled fear into the hearts of residents of Victoria Island Lagos

The police got as tip off that Ajayi and his gang were at it again and they apprehended them after they have successfully robbed the keke man,they were rounded up and taken to the station,after which the commissioner of police ordered that they be taken to the state CID Panti,he also urged residents of the state to always keep the police abreast with useful information,rounding up he said,the police force won’t allow some unscrupulous elements to cause havoc in the state

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