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See The Full Meaning of the Word “HUSBAND”



This word is a title many men have today. The sad part is that most of defending that title. If you are a man reading this and any of these titles Is lacking, you have to make amends as quickly as possible. Therefore, the full meaning of thr word husband is

H – a Hospitable person

U – an Understanding person

S – a Supportive person

B – a Bold person

A – an Adaptive person

N – a Nice person

D – a Different person

Now let us analyse this acronym one by one:

1. H – a Hospitable person:

Any man who calls himself a husband should be hospitable. He should be able to take care of his wife in a way that even her parents couldn’t. He should help out with the house chores, do the cooking once in a while, give his wife surprises that would melt her heart, send her lovely text messages, write her lovely notes and do everything to make the relationship more romantic than ever.

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2. U – an Understanding person:

Women go through a lot of stress and sometimes may over react as a result of these. As a man who calls himself a husband, he should be able to understand that she is going through a hard time and try to be of help to her rather than picking offences. He should give her some space when she needs it, come back when she is okay and do everything he can to help her in the current situation. He should hear her own opinions and try them out. This is why he is in a relationship.

3. S – a Supportive person:

A husband should be a supportive person. He should support her in any way he can ranging from speech to finance to connections and so on. He should suppport her even though nobody supports her. He should support her even if the project fails. He should support her in every good no matter what.

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4. B – a Bold person:

A husband should be bold and not lilly livered.He should stand up for what is right and defend his wife. Even when his wife is wrong, he should defend her in the presence of the person and correct her at home. This is what a husband is and is suppose to do.

5. A – an Adaptive person:

A husband should study the kind of person his wife is and try to adapt to her taste. He should avoid everything she hates at all cost and he should not play bossy all the time.

6. N – a Nice person:

A husband should be a very nice person, not only to his wife but also her family members and her friends and also people around him. If he was not nice before he got married he should change. He should not command respect but earn it for a respect earned is more clear mindes than the one commanded.

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7. D – a Different person:

A husband should be different from other men. He should have a quality that would make his wife love him the more and never want to leave his arm. He should be unique both in character and in dressing In a way that his wife would continue to love him.

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