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SEE The Pit Popularly Called The Gate To Hell Which Has Been Burning For 49 Years



This Strange but real pit, is located in Turkmenistan, a country located near the center of the Asian Continent.

Its name is ‘Darvaza Gas Crater’, but most people know it by these names ‘The Gate To Hell’ or ‘The Door To Hell’.

This Gas Crater is a famous Tourist destination with people trooping in from various countries in the world to have a look at this breathtaking and unbelievable sight.

This Gas Crater has been on fire for more than 40 years (as of October, 2020). It was set on fire by a team of desperate soviet scientists back in 1971.

This Famous Crater was dug/drilled by a group of Soviet scientists who were looking for natural gas reserves. Unfortunately, their Gas Rig collapsed.

Fearing the spread of poisonous methane gas, the scientists set the crater on fire.

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Since then, the fire the scientists set upon the crater since 1971, has been burning ever since.

The reason why the fire continues to burn is due to the excess methane gas in the crater.