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See What a Man Found At The Back Of His Bed In An Hostel Room



He shared his story…. I attempted lay down on my bed and tried to fall asleep but suddenly I received a phone call and my phone vibrated. In my course of action to answer the incoming call, my phone cell somehow mistakenly fell to the back of my bed frame.

This was going to be stressful because i had to adjust the position of the bed so that I could pick up the phone. Immediately after shifting my bed i saw something dark in color which hurriedly crawled toward my phone, i was actually frightened at first because I had no idea what the creature was.

When i took a closer look i realised that the elongated creature is with one pair of legs per body segment. Since I was still clueless about the identity of this scary looking creature, i decided to make some research and findings about living things with multiple legs which includes having antennaes at the top and bottom.

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Upon all the findings, we still couldn’t find a clue about what this creature might be, The creature keeps reappearing frequently. Take a closer look at it below.

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