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See What Kidnappers Did To This Old Man Whose Ransom Hasn’t Been Paid ( video)



A video has gone viral on social media after a yet-to-be identified man was being beaten by unknown kidnappers.

According to the video shared, the man was being tied and beaten because his ransom hasn’t been paid to the kidnappers.

In the video, the man was seen beging someone whose name is Emmanuel, to pay the kidnappers so that they can let him go.

The man didn’t state who Emmanuel is but there are possibilities that Emmanuel might be his friend or family member.

In the video, the man said:

“Please Emmanuel, send these people their money, I have not done anything bad to you.

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These people are killing me, they put me in the desert and the suffering is too much.”

Minutes after he said this, one of the kidnappers pushed him to the ground and began to beat him. His hands were tied to the back so he was unable to rescue himself.

It wasn’t stated what led to his abduction but the man was seen begging Emmanuel to pay the Kidnappers their money so that he can leave.

Watch video below

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