Semina halliwell video death, Mother shows video of her daughter being attacked

A heartbroken mother wants the public to see the harrowing video of her 12-year-old daughter being attacked by bullies. Semina Halliwell died on June 12 after four nights in hospital. Her mother, Rachel Halliwell, said she reported being raped as a result of the horrific ordeal and then being bullied online.

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Rachel previously told ECHO that Semina was “traumatised” after being groomed and raped.

Merseyside Police have confirmed reports that a 12-year-old girl was raped at an address in Southport on February 25.

Rachel said: “Behind the virgin Semina, she was being bullied online every day. She couldn’t take it anymore.”

She shared footage of Semina being attacked on two separate occasions today.

Rachel said she believed the incidents took place in a park near her Southport home, about a month after the alleged rape.

The video appears to show Semina being punched, kicked and dragged to the ground.

Rachel said she wanted people to see the footage, saying: “I want the whole country to see what my daughter is going through.

“I won’t stop until I get justice for my kids.”

Rachel said Semina continued to be abused even after her death.

Horrific screenshots seen by ECHO appear to show people mocking Semina’s death on Snapchat, even threatening to “destroy” her grave.

Semina’s tragic case was brought before a parliamentary committee on June 23 when Labour MP Apsana Begum asked Education Minister Gavin Williamson what else could be done to protect children from sexual harassment and abuse.

“I want to highlight the case of Semina, who was 12 and revealed she was raped and committed suicide last week,” Ms Begum said.

Merseyside Police are investigating a rape report and “multiple allegations relating to the same victim, which were received before and after her tragic death”.

A spokesman said: “On March 23, reports were received that a 12-year-old girl had been raped at an address in Southport on February 25. An investigation was launched and a youth volunteered to go to police Bureau for an interview.

“A full investigation into this allegation and other matters related to the same victim is ongoing and it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.”

Semina’s funeral will be held on July 23.

Rachel said everyone who knew and loved Semina was invited to “celebrate her short life”.

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