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Sen. Bill Cassidy to Newsmax: Medicare Will Be ‘Insolvent’ in 6 Years


Physician Senator Bill Cassidy tells us that Medicare will be ‘insolvent’ in six years news max on Wednesday.

“When I say insolvent, it means that the money that comes in, which is already there, will be completely used up,” Cassidy told “Eric Boleyn: Balance. “

“Now, Doctor [and] Hospitals will still get paid, but just the money that comes in will go out. “

Concerns about the Medicare fund, which is used to pay hospitals running out of money, have led to a cycle of noise that starts about four years after the bankruptcy deadline, according to reports. politics.

Politico reported in April that Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee asked Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra about President Joe Biden’s plans to prevent the program from running out of money by 2026.

The senator added that, in addition to Medicare insolvency, the program created a lot of paperwork and low pay for doctors, causing many of them to retire early due to burnout.


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