‘Sesame Street’ had 200 episodes removed by HBO Max


HBO Max is cutting about 200 episodes of “Sesame Street” from its streaming platform. But the reason for the clearing is unclear.

Warner Bros. Discovery recently acquired HBO Max. On Friday, the streaming service listed 456 “Sesame Street” episodes, up from 650 previously. HBO Max doesn’t have access to all episodes of the show at the same time.

HBO Max only shows episodes from seasons 1, 5 and 7, and most recently seasons 39-52.

On Saturday, a spokesperson for HBO Max shared a statement with Fox News Digital about the cuts to Sesame Street.

“‘Sesame Street’ has always been an important part of television culture and the crown jewel of our preschool education,” the statement began.

Venus Williams on Sesame Street in 2004.
WireImage by Sesame Workshop

“We are committed to continuing to bring “Sesame Street” into families, including the latest season, which premiered this fall, and the nearly 400-episode season of recent and historical dramas that remain on Cartoonito on HBO Max.”

According to the outlet, the upcoming 53rd season will be available on the streaming service.

HBO and “Sesame Street” teamed up in 2015, which gave the streaming service a priority to air all new episodes before they could be seen on PBS, the show’s hometown.This agreement is valid until

The “Sesame Street” clip comes after HBO announced Wednesday that at least 36 other shows will be leaving the platform this week.

That includes 20 HBO original shows, as well as The Generation, Infinite Trains, and earlier this month, all eight Harry Potter films were axed.

Warner Bros. Discovery has a new pending contract with Discovery+, shares the show’s takedown.

sesame street  ‘Sesame Street’ had 200 episodes removed by HBO Max Sesame Street 1
It’s unclear why HBO Max removed epsidoes.
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“As we work to consolidate our content catalogue under one platform, we will be making changes to what’s available on HBO Max and Discovery+,” the company said in a statement. “This will include removal from both platforms. some content.”

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