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WATCH: Shaka Khoza Leaked Video Goes Viral On Twitter Leave Reddit, Instagram, and, YouTube: One another disturbing video is currently making rounds all over the web and creating problems for the person who is depicted in the video. Yes, you are assuming right we are talking about the disturbing video of SK Khoza who has recently trending on the web. As per the trends and media reports, SK Khoza stressed after a video of him making an uproar toward the front of an unclear structure turned into a web sensation through virtual entertainment. The supposed alcoholic entertainer pitched a fit of rage sans footwear, prior to what resembled an inn. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Shaka Khoza Scandal Explained

Former “The Queen” actor SK Khoza who is widely known for his role as Shaka Khoza in the canceled telenovela is creating headlines all over again after a concerning video of him went viral. In the viral video, Khoza is spotted having a surprising verbal brawl with an anonymous man that is left several of his admirers worried he might lose his acting gig in Kings of Joburg 2nd season.

Shaka Khoza Leaked Video Viral On Twitter

The behavior of The Queen’s SK Khoza in a recent viral video has left admirers of the actor concerned he might require rehab after he has heard shouting insults at an anonymous man depicted in the video. He has also heard body-shaming the anonymous man and asking if he knows who he is.

Admirers of the star have also said that the star might be consumed drugs or drunk in the video. It is not the first time, the actor is in the news, he also made the headlines of the newspaper in the year 2021 when MultiChoice halted his contract with The Queen after he was allegedly abused by his former fiancee Ayanda Hlongwane, who brought the charges to light.

Hlongwane lodged charges against him after he reportedly assaulted her at her house in Fourways. The telenovela let him go for the 2nd time, where he played the role of Shaka Khoza for closely 5 seasons.

His Role In “Kings Of Joburg”

Admirers were also super-stoled when Ferguson Films maker declared that their shooting season 2 of their Netflix series titled “Kings Of Joburg”. Watchers of the series reckon that the actor will lose his assignment in the series after this viral video. Media mogul Shona Ferguson shocked admirers on social media when he shared a snippet from the series.

“He Called Me The K-Word”

Sk Khoza stated the video does not view the part where the anonymous man was insulting him, as per daneloo.com.

“I was away with pals in Mpumalanga and the white man you watching in the video was racist towards me, so I just retaliated. He called me by the “K-Word” stated Khoza. He further added that “It is funny how I always trend for always the wrong reasons and ever for the good that I do, and the great work that I produce. I am done and tired of all these stories that are created up about me. I was not on drugs, and I have never been.”


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