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Shark Week is once more in 2022 and thrilled viewers are celebrating the model new season with basically probably the most attention-grabbing and humorous memes on Twitter!

The annual week-long television program is once more with further terrifying and intriguing tales regarding the predators of the ocean.

The latest season will see Dwayne Johnson operate the emcee as he’ll doubtless be joined by celebrity firm along with the stable of Jackass.

The assortment could also be streamed on Discovery or Discovery+ as a result of the current is alleged to showcase never-before-seen footage.

If the large sharks are already sending chills down your spine, listed under are some humorous memes to ease you.

Best Shark Weeks memes off Twitter

Not whenever you’re vacationing by the seaside!

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me getting that discovery+ log in knowledge so i can watch the impractical jokers shark week episode whereas on journey

— cass (@ricecakws) July 25, 2022

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Hello my fantastic Twitter family- Enjoy your thrilling Shark Week .!! Top of my bucket report shark diving .!

— Midnight – Barb Donato (@BarbaraDonato17) July 25, 2022

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When you discover out about Jimi Partington’s assault.

Those who wouldn’t miss it at any worth

Happy Shark Week!

Preserve wildlife…

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Folks, please don’t contact wildlife, till you fully should for each your safety or the animal’s safety.

— George T. Probst 🦈 (@GeorgeProbst) July 25, 2022

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And it has merely begun!

When The Rock graces your show.

“Great White Open Ocean got me stressed out.”

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Shark Week is lastly about to begin. Time to get the snacks.

— Damn There Goes Q (@DamnThereGoesQ) July 25, 2022

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Too quite a bit pressure

Where to look at?

Shark Week 2022 will air from July twenty fourth to July thirtieth inside the US.

It is once more for the thirty fourth time and accessible to stream on Discovery or Discovery Plus you most likely have the subscription.

Find the schedule for your entire week below:

Monday- July 25

Air Jaws: Top Guns – 8 pm
Great White Serial Killer: Fatal Christmas – 9 pm
Rise of the Monster Hammerheads – 10 pm
MEga Predators of Oz – 10 pm

Tuesday – July 26

Impractical Jokers Shark Week Spectacular –  8 pm
Jaws vs Kraken – 9 pm
Pigs vs Shark – 10 pm
Raging Bulls – 11 pm

Wednesday – July 27

Island of Walking Sharks – 8 pm
Mechashark Love Down Under – 9 pm
Mission Shark Dome – 10 pm
Great White Comeback-  11 pm

Thursday – July 28

Tracy Morgan Presents: Sharks! with Tracy Morgan – 8 pm
Shark House – 9 pm
Monster Mako Under the Rig – 10 pm
Tiger Queen – 11 pm

Friday – July 29

Jaws vs The Blob – 8 pm
Clash of Killers: Great White vs Mako – 9 pm
Shark Women: Ghosted by Great Whites – 10 pm
The Great Hammerhead Stakeout -11pm ET

Saturday – July 30

Monsters of the Cape – 8 pm 
Sharks in Paradise – 9 pm
Shark Rober – 11 pm

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