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It’s the Saturday before the guest bedroom room reveals and Ryan is asleep on the floor in his house.

He is so tired it doesn’t matter. He and wife Rachel are going for a more contemporary look again, with a touch of country after the judges’ feedback last week. 

Tom and Sarah-Jane wanted to have an easy day, but they have a problem that Keith and Dan point out. Their window from the inside of their room is not centred and is close to the Kinsman wardrobe so it doesn’t open properly.

It’s a real bone of contention between Tom and Sarah-Jane. Tom thinks it’s OK, however Sarah-Jane thinks it’s a major issue the judges will pick up on. The pair have another huge argument. 

Omar and Oz call a body corporate at one of the busiest times, 3pm on a Saturday afternoon and the other contestants are not happy. Jenny was angry about it.

They reveal they are going to do polished floorboards and need approval to work ahead. The contestants give the approval. Rachel and Ryan are also doing polished floorboards. 

Oz and Omar are reflecting on doing Ramadan on The Block as it ends. 

Sharon is having a huge meltdown, she and Ankur appear to be questioning why they are even on the show as it is so tough. 

In the end Scott Cam calls ‘tool’s down’ and all our contestants finish. 

It’s judging time. 

Tom and Sarah-Jane spent $8,554: The judges loved everything Tom and Sarah-Jane did, but one thing. The centred window and the placement of it and how it impacts the opening of the wardrobes. Sarah-Jane was right. 

Rachel and Ryan spent $14,966: Shaynna pointed out Rachel and Ryan’s room was a huge space. There were some traditional elements like the VJ panelling but not enough when it comes to the furnishing choices. The painting was terrible. Shaynna wants the pair to pay more respect to the country element of the house. However Rachel and Ryan will stick to their guns. 

Ankur and Sharon spent $13,403: A much-improved room by Ankur and Sharon. They are back in the game. Lovely traditional touches in the room and a warm colour palette. The judges were all loving the heritage details. The did however think the Velux skylight was too close to the original restored ceiling rose. But overall a huge improvement.

Dylan and Jenny spent $12,145: A stunning improvement compared to last week. Shaynna noted they are great students of The Block. The best students ever. They loved the beautiful colour palette. The walk-in wardrobe was an added bonus. Styled to perfection. The room was hard to fault. 

Omar and Oz spent $10,681: A room full of surprises. Nice scale. Nice VJ panelling. It worked well. Shaynna noticed the floorboards and said the danger could be in this area it will be a very cold room in winter. Neale didn’t like the wardrobes. A bit generic. 


 DarrenShaynnaNealeTotalTom and Sarah-Jane87 ½823 ½Rachel and Ryan8 ½8824 ½Ankur and Sharon98 ½8 ½26 + 1Dylan and Jenny998 ½26 ½Omar and Oz87 ½823 ½

Ankur and Sharon use their gnome and take out the win. Another $10,000 from Ford. It’s been a huge week for House No.1, taking home an extra $15,000.

The Block continues 7:30pm Monday on Channel 9 and 9Now

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