Shocking! How a spiritualist helped a young lady find true love

My name is Grace and i am from Ekiti state. I am 25 years old residing in Lagos.

I fell in love with my neighbour who is thickly rich, but unknown to me until he took me to his parents. Initially i was not serious about his love as a result of previous disappointment i have suffered in the hands of boys.

He saw the expression of unseriousness in my face and decided to entice me with many material things. I told him that before i will take you serious to the extent of visiting your parents. I have to go for prayers to confirm whether you are my Mr Right. He replied with an erotic smile and urged me to go ahead.

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I went to pastor for prayer and he prophesied that i should not be perturbed by wasting my time with a boy that is not keen to marry me. Not well satisfied i informed my friend about the development who introduced me to a spiritualist called Chief Dr Francis Spiritual Home phone +2349047754909 WhatsApp+2349159624822. Address No 2 Aja street off college road Mgbidi Oru west along owerri-Onitsha Exp way Imo state Nigeria

My friend who has been patronizing the Spiritualist for years took me to his Spiritual home of Chief Dr Francis . He consulted the ancestors for direction and told me to go ahead and marry my boy friend. He further said i would be surprised to see that the guy mean business more than what i have in my mind. He gave me some Spiritual cleansing and deliverance materials to bath and urged me to go for the introduction.

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As i got back home my boy friend came to ask about my mission and i told him that we should go for the introduction. At about 8:00 am on the following day. We embarked on the journey to his see his parents in Abe-okuta ogun state. He introduced me as his proposal and i was warmly received by all and Sundry.

Thereafter, we went out to see the beauty of the city to catch fun, but to my surprise. my boy friend was a very rich man who hide his prosperity away from me. He has a mansion and the compound was so fantastic. I saw three different cars parked and covered with tempolyn. I asked who is the owner ? He told me they belong to him.

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Three months later we got married and the marriage ceremony was graced by dignitaries across the length and breath of the state. It was a gathering of who is who in Ogun state .

I am prompted to make this public through the social media because many girls always categorized all men to be the same when they were disappointed in the past. I took the pain to go for prayers to actualize my dream partner. So some disappointment in the past may be appointment in the future.

In case you want to know your true life partner .You may contact Chief Dr Francis for consultation.

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