Shooting At Wells Fargo – Uptown Wells Fargo Building’s 16th-floor Glass Is Broken By A Bullet, According To CMPD

Shooting at Wells Fargo – A bullet struck a window on the 16th floor of the Wells Fargo building at 301 S. College Street in uptown Charlotte on Tuesday afternoon. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are looking into the incident. Then the bullet struck a wall. No one was present on the 16th floor, according to the police. According to authorities, there were no injuries and the bullet was found. South College Street’s 300 blocks were closed down as the broken window glass was cleaned from the road.

The bank no longer owns the Wells Fargo tower, also known as “The Juke Box building” because of its distinctively curved roof. However, a spokeswoman for Wells stated that they do lease office space on several floors. The spokesman also stated that all Wells employees are safe and accounted for. Wells does not occupy the 16th floor.

The property manager of the building, Childress Klein, has been contacted by WCCB, but no response has been received.

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