Shooting Reported At Hampton Glen Today, 2 Cobb County Deputies Shot & Killed & 2 Suspects Are Barricaded!

2 Cobb County deputies shot to death in Cobb County, Georgia

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Two county sheriffs were killed Thursday night after a wild shooting broke out. The officers were on duty and serving an arrest warrant when they were shot. According to the Cob County Sheriff’s statement, SWAT and FAST teams were on the scene when the shooting occurred and the suspect at the scene was barricaded, the Cobb County spokesman said in a statement. Police are still investigating the case and it will be brought to an end soon. There were multiple agencies involved in the case and present in the area where the shooting occurred. Let us know more in detail about this case and also know who the officers were looking after when they were shot. Follow our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Reported shooting in Hampton Glen today

After the shooting occurred, a large number of law enforcement were present in the area where the shooting occurred and a barricade was also set up in that area. Police present at the time included Cobb County Police, Marietta Police, Powder Springs Police, the Sheriff’s Office, and the Georgia State Patrol as well. According to the sources, the Georgia police have been investigating the case and are thoroughly reviewing all aspects. Additionally, in addition to Georgia police, GBI units are also en route to the scene, GBI Director Mike Register said in a statement while discussing the investigations.

2 Cobb County deputies shot to death in Cobb County, Georgia

The shooting occurred on Irwin and John Ward roads, where there was heavy traffic after the shooting, which swerved and swerved. Additionally, this occurred in the Southeast Chatham Hill Elementary School area. As many of the local reports suggested, the shooting occurred around 7:45 p.m. Thursday, and as soon as the gunshot was heard, law enforcement swarmed the area. Also after 8:00 p.m., several ambulances arrived at Wellsatr Kennestoen Hospital. There were several tweets saying that the officers were killed during the shooting and there were a lot of tears and hugs at the scene of the shooting.

2 suspects are barricaded

The confirmation of the death of two agents was given after 9:00 p.m. on Thursday and so far the identity of the two agents has not been revealed. So far, the defendant’s crimes and the defendant’s name have also not been disclosed. GBI issued their statements in which they sent their condolences to the relatives of the two officers and also prayed for their souls. It was not revealed what type of arrest warrant was given to the accused for the shooting to take place. Investigations are ongoing and once they are complete, police will reveal the full motive and explanation behind the shooting.

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