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Signs And Symptoms That Might Be Alerting You Of Having A UTI Infection(Read)


Some of you don’t know that you have an infection untill at it’s high top which is very bad. UTI infection can really cause serious damage when it’s not treated early . But first here are the symptoms you should look out for.

1. Frequent urination. You will realize that you are going to the toilet more often but the urine it’s little or none. UTI infection gives you the urge to urinate even when you don’t have to and like all the time.

2. Burning sensation when urinating. You will note that when you are passing out the urine it’s burning .

3. Strong smelling urine. The urine you pass will have a very string smell that normal.

4. The urine appers cloudy

5. This happens to the stage when you note this you need to seek medical treatment immediately. The urine will appear pink or red or will have signs of blood in the urine.

UTI infection affects three places in the body, kidney, bladder and the urethra. Most women get UTI with the fact that women have a smaller urethra therefore the infection reaches to it fast. Be aware of the following signs and symptoms for you to be healthy and safe at all times especially if you are active in bed.