Simple tricks to download paid apps for free

Method 1:

In this method you have to download an apps name Blackmart Alpha which helps you to download any android app from Google Play store which is paid. Mostly all paid apps are successfully work sometime you may got error.

> First of all download BlackMart Alpha

> Now Install it on your Android device.

> Now open Black mart and in the search box enter the name of that app.

> Now download that particular app through BlackMart on your Android device.

> Now your Paid Apps is working successfully.

Method 2:

In this method you have to download apps from some famous websites which are in the form of .apk extension and then you have to transfer them from PC to to your Android device.

> Firstly you have to visit or on your PC or you can install their apps on your Android device.

> Now open these sites and you have to search exact name of particular apps which you want to download in the format of Appsname.apk. Don’t forget to enter the extension name .apk at the end.

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> Now download the apps from that site on your PC or laptop and transfer them on mobile phone .

> Now Install them on your Android phone and enjoy your new paid apps.

In the end of this trick and sometime some apps may or may not work so please try it with another apps because their is no chance any failure of this trick. I hope you have find this trick amazing and working.

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