Singer Angela Aguilar Leaked Video Goes Viral With Gussy Lau on Twitter and Reddit Explained!

Singer Angela Aguilar Leaked Video

Well, several controversies have become a regular tattle for the netizens as they have been hearing several scandals, leaks, and viral news every day about popular celebrities. But whenever a popular celebrity gets involved in any scandal, people get more excited to know about it. Similarly, again the name of a popular singer is being heard among the people, which shows that some things of the singer have come out. Mexican-American singer Angela Aguilar is the topic of the day on the Internet after her intimate pictures went viral on social media among her fans.

The singer-songwriter have grabbed the attention of the audience after a picture in which a popular composer Gussy Lau appears very close to Angela Aguilar went viral on social media. Along with this, it is also seen that his tongue pink the singer’s mouth, speculations arose regarding the relationship between those two. After this, many Internet users assured that the 18-years-old singer has an affair with the musician, who works at Equinox Records, Pepe Aguilar’s record company, it was Gussy Lau who also confirmed that she has been having an affair with the so-called “princess of the Mexican regional” since last February.

Singer Angela Aguilar Leaked Video

Along with this, the singer took her Instagram account to talk about the matter and what happened and claimed to be violated her privacy. According to her clip, she said,” I feel sad, let down, I can’t believe I’m making this video; my soul hurts. I feel violated, I feel violated by the possibility of having my own privacy, of being able to decide about my life, my body, my image”.

After the image went viral, Angela also said that she trusted the person who made her feel disappointed, since the images circulated on social media and not only it affected her private life but also in the work sector.

What happened to Angela Aguilar?

Singer explained,” It has affected me financially and lovingly, let alone, what face can I give my family?… Although I didn’t agree, I put myself in a position, in this position, and that was wrong of me; and that was my mistake”. The singer gained her recognition after performing “La Llorona” at the 19th Annual Latin Grammy Award in 2018. Nueva Tradicion, Primero Say Mexicana, Mexicana Enamorada, Baila Esta Cumbia, and many are some of the best known projects of the singer in the industry. At the minor age, she gained a huge popularity among her listeners around the world.

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