Sirf Tum Written Update 25th April 2022 Episode Suhani Gets Kidnapped

Sirf Tum serial

The latest episode of Sirf Tum starts with Suhani. Riya asks her where is she lost to which she replies that she is thinking about Ranveer who put his life to risk to save her life. Suhani says that she could not even thank him yet. Adding further, Suhani says that she has prepared a long list to thank Ranveer. Riya gets irritated hearing that while Suhani says that she wants to leave Ansh and stay with Ranveer forever. She says that she wants to tell him that she is in love with him.

Suhani thinks she believes that she will convince Ranveer before leaving for Kashmir. Suhani continues that she is feeling guilty after learning about the reason Ranveer could not reach the wedding venue. Here, Ansh notices the master stalking Suhani. On another side, Mamta insults Asha. She tells her that since she is only after the money, she will leave and give her all the money and jewels so that she can leave the house. Mamta adds that she can not just ruin Ranveer’s life just like that. Asha tells Mamta that she does not want the money or anything like that.

Asha tells Mamta that she just wants Ansh to follow Ranveer to get a better life. She requests Mamta to let them stay here for some more days. Here, Ranveer looks for Suhani. Riya tells him that went to the washroom. Ranveer gets angry and scolds her for leaving Suhani alone. Riya gets irked. She asks him to stop thinking about Suhani as she is happily married to Ansh. She tells Ranveer that Suhani has accepted Ansh as her husband and does not care about him at all. Here, the master aims a gun at Suhani when she steps out of the bathroom.

The master asks Suhani to follow him without making any noise. Suhani gets scared and does the same. On another hand, Riya keeps instigating Ranveer against Suhani. The former does not believe it. Ranveer says that Suhani knows the reality of Ansh and does not want to spend her life with him. He says that he understands Suhani’s feelings towards him. Meanwhile, Ranveer sees Suhani going with the master. He goes to the washroom and finds Suhani’s phone on the floor. Ranveer suspects Ansh and starts beating him. He accuses him of kidnapping Suhani. For more updates on Sirf Tum, follow our site.

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