Sirf Tum Written Update 8th April 2022 Episode Ansh Records Ranveer’s Fight

sirf tum

The latest written update of Sirf Tum starts with Mamta. She questions the college’s dean about Ranveer’s crime. The dean tells her that he has committed a huge mistake. Suhani encourages Mamta. The latter tells the dean that Ranveer has taken Suhani with her to teach her. She asks him to try to understand the situation. Suhani asks Mamta to talk about Ansh. Mamta says that she has heard that Ansh has taken Suhani as his trophy’s wife. She asks the dean to take the rustication back of Ranveer or else his college will lose its reputation.

Mamta further tells the dean that he can not rusticate him in the first place as Ranveer is the trustee’s son. Suhani also agrees with Mamta and says that Ranveer is a bright student. The dean says that he will talk to the medical council and will try to make sure that they take his rustication back. However, he requests Mamta to ensure that Ranveer does not do such things again, or else he will have to face consequences again. Suhani tells him not to worry as Ranveer will not create any hurdle now.

In the next scene, Suhani is shown working in the coffee. Some boys come and order some sweets. Suhani prepares the order while the boys make fun of her. One of the boys throws a glass at her. Suhani gets scared and hides. Meanwhile, Ranveer comes. He beats the shit out of the boys. Suhani tries to stop Ranveer. The boys tell Ranveer that they were just doing a timepass and did not intend to hurt her. Ranveer brings a big container of sweets. He asks the guys to have it all now. Suhani asks Ranveer to go telling him it is her matter.

Ranveer looks at the pieces of broken glass and asks Suhani if she meant this with her matter. Suhani asks Ranveer to stop as it will put him into trouble again. Ansh happens to be at the scene and records the fight. Here, the boys start eating sweets. Ranveer tells Suhani that he will leave once the boys finish eating sweets. Ranveer asks Raghu to check how many Gulab Jamuns are left in the container. He asks Raghu to film the boys and upload the video online. Ranveer warns everyone not to trouble Suhani otherwise they will face the same consequences. Stay tuned to this space for more written updates of Sirf Tum.

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