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Sirf Tum Written Update Today’s Episode 21st May 2022 Mamta Slaps Ranveer « CmaTrends


The latest episode of Sirf Tum starts with Vikrant. He tells Mamta about Ranveer being right. He says that Suhani and Asha will stay here only. Mamta takes Ranveer’s side and calls him innocent. Vikrant tells Mamta that he can not hurt his son for small things. He says that he has promised him that Suhani can stay at the place along with her family for six months. Vikrant says that he does not break the promises, he once makes. Dada Ji gets curious to know what did Ansh do to make Ranveer throw him out of the house.

Suhani goes ahead to talk to Dada Ji. She tells him that Ansh had kidnapped her and was forcefully taking her outside the city against her will. She adds that it was Ranveer who saved her and says it was not for him, she does not know what could have happened to her. On another side, Mamta asks Asha when will her and her son’s drama end. Asha says that her son has not done anything wrong. Taking Ansh’s side, Asha says that he has all the rights to take his wife anywhere he wants and does not need anyone’s permission for that.

Asha further adds that no one should interfere between husband and wife as it’s their matter. Upon listening to that, Ranveer gets angry. Vikrant tries to calm him down. Mamta asks Asha not to talk loudly as she can do the same too. Mamta asks Asha to get up and says that she is Vikrant’s legal wife. Mamta threatens Asha to make her arrested on the charges of trespassing if she found her anywhere near her house. Mamta takes Asha’s hands and drags her to the door and pushes her out.

Mamta goes ahead to tell Ranveer that he is not doing the right thing by going against his mother for this woman. Ranveer tries to speak but Mamta stops her. Mamta gets angry and slaps her. Ranveer asks Mamta to slap him more as he is only doing the thing taught by her. Meanwhile, a courier guy comes and delivers a parcel for Mamta Oberoi. Suhani takes the parcel and reads. She says that it’s a gift from Ranveer to his best mother. Everyone looks at her. Ranveer then takes the bouquet and gives it to Mamta. Keep following our site for more such latest written updates.


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