‘Sister Wives’ Star, Christine Brown, Explains Why She Wanted to Be a Third Wife in New Podcast Interview

in season 1 sister’s wife, Kristen Brown insists she’s always wanted a third spouse. She doubled down on the claim in her family’s memoir, Become a sister-in-law. While Kristen got what she wanted, it didn’t work out for her in the long run. In November 2021, she announced that she had left her multiple marriage.Fans Have Been Watching Season 17 of Divorce sister’s wifeNow, Kristen is sitting down to discuss polygamy and revealed in a podcast interview not too long ago why she thinks being a third spouse is the best option for her.

Kristen Brown outlines why she wants a third spouse

Not long ago, Kristen sat down with Kate Casey for a chat Kate Casey’s Real Life, a podcast about all things reality TV. Through an hour-long sit-in, Kristen reveals the rationale behind her need to be a third spouse in multi-person households.

Kristen Brown, Wives Season 17 | TLC

Kristin explained that she thinks the third spouse position is probably the easiest position. She said being a first spouse felt like too much work because the first spouse was responsible for “helping the children grow”. The second spouse position doesn’t feel right. She insisted that being a second spouse felt so awkward that the availability of a second spouse tipped the delicate balance and “broke the ice”. According to Kristen, the third spouse doesn’t have to deal with any of that.

The cast of TLC's   ‘Sister Wives’ Star, Christine Brown, Explains Why She Wanted to Be a Third Wife in New Podcast Interview sister wives cast
TLC’s “Sister Wives” entity consisting of Robyn, Meri, Kody, Christine, and Janelle Brown | TLC/Discovery Press

Clearly enough, Kristen didn’t point out the fourth spouse’s position. There is a good motivation for doing this. Having 4 wives is not common in polygamous circles, although the Browns added a fourth spouse.many sister’s wife Followers believe that the entry of a fourth spouse into the family is the catalyst for family breakdown. Christine thinks it is possible that she is the third spouse, which also means that she can be the last spouse.

Kristen Brown had doubts about polygamy before she met Cody Brown

Kristen Brown wasn’t always 100% on polygamy. She explained that she critically questioned whether she was excited about plural marriage after her mom decided to give up her religion. Kristen said she thought about this and decided she wanted a polygamous marriage. Christine Brown’s mother, Annie Allred, left Christine’s father, Rex Allred, in the 1990s.

In 1994,   ‘Sister Wives’ Star, Christine Brown, Explains Why She Wanted to Be a Third Wife in New Podcast Interview Kody Brown and Christine Brown Sister Wives   TLC
Kody Brown and Christine Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Kristen went on to explain that she met Cody not long after. They became close friends, but romance doesn’t seem to be in the cards, at least not yet. Kristen said different people came and went, but sooner or later, about three years after they met, she told Cody she thought he should be the one she married. Problems developed from there.

While Kristen had condemned her mother’s decision to abandon polygamy and spoke out against the application, she is now following in her footsteps. And Christine did not bluntly oppose this approach, but made it clear that she did not believe in this approach and would not choose this approach again.

Christine Brown with Kody, Robyn, Meri and Janelle Brown in a TLC Photo for   ‘Sister Wives’ Star, Christine Brown, Explains Why She Wanted to Be a Third Wife in New Podcast Interview sister wives season 17
Kristen, Cody, Robin, Merry and Janelle Brown on TLC’s “Wives and Sisters” | TLC/Discovery Press

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In August 2022, Kristen sat down with Fox to discuss her new life away from Cody Brown. The mum-of-six admitted she plans to get back into the relationship, but this time she won’t be living with her husband. She mentioned that she is monogamous from now on. None of Kristen’s children chose polygamy.

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