Skye Sutton leaked onlyf, videos and photos on twitter and reddit

Playboy model Daniella Chavez used her OnlyF page to raise money — all to buy a professional soccer team. In a Vice report, Chavez is eager to sell her beloved Chilean club O’Higgins F.C.

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The club is based in Rancagua, the model’s hometown south of San Diego, and plays in the country’s top league. Amazingly, according to her Twitter post, she raised $8 million on OnlyF in just a few weeks.

She’s not kidding, it seems she has ambitions for O’Higgins F.C. when she got the key. In an interview with Chilean radio station ADN, she and her management team believed that Rancagua could be a “winner.”

“I want a successful team that fights for everything,” she said. She also considers herself a longtime O’Higgins fan and wants to help the club reach new heights.

However, the club was forced to issue a statement on Chavez’s fundraiser after those in the ownership group insisted there were no plans to “sit down” with Chavez. Chavez then accused O’Higgins of sexism, claiming they didn’t like her because she was a woman, and raising money in unconventional ways.

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“Given news reports in the digital media – qualified sources – the Abu Mohol family has ruled out the possibility of selling the club to a specific individual, we would like to clarify that this information is false and does not represent the Abu Mohol family,” wrote.

They also noted that while the club had previously said it was “open” to attract new investors and others to support the agency’s “development”, this had to be formally presented to the club’s leadership.

The board went on to say, “We cannot treat interests expressed through social media as real, specific or formal.”

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