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So Sad: 10 Students Burnt To Death After Fire Ravages School Dormitory (Photos)



10 students have lost their lives in a tragic fire outbreak in a primary school in Tanzania’s North-western Kagera region.

Authorities are yet to establish the exact cause of the fire that ravaged the students’ dormitories.

Throwing more light on the matter, a government official Mr. Marco Gaguti told reporters that ‘the dormitory was housing 74 pupils and when it caught fire the pupils started fleeing but due to the impact of the fire some couldn’t make it out on time’

The fire gutted the whole of the Byamungu English Medium Primary School destroying millions of properties in the process.

Mbaraka Mahmoud, the village chairman, said villagers struggled to put out the fire, and rescuers dug through the rubble and burnt iron sheets to find the bodies.

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“It is a sad day in our village. Parents, relatives, and villagers are devastated,” The school among the very few good educational institutions that served the deprived

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