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Soak Unripe Pawpaw In Cold Water For 4 Days, And Drink It To Cure This Infection



Soak unripe pawpaw in cold water for 4 days, and drink It to cure this infection.

Hey reader, today, I will be teaching how to use unripe pawpaw to cure ulcer. Ulcer is a very terrible infection that trouble many people. This herbal mixture using the unripe pawpaw have been proven to cure ulcer. See details on how to prepare it below.

Things needed:

1. Unripe pawpaw

2. Water


1. Wash the unripe pawpaw to remove dust and dirt.

2. Cut it open with a knife and slice into tiny pieces.

3. Pour the pieces of unripe pawpaw into a container, add enough water and cover for 4 days.

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5. After 4 days, filter out a glass full and drink.


Drink one glass first thing in the morning, and last thing before bed.

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