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Some Important Health Benefits You Don’t Know About Waterleaf



This green vegetable is referred to as waterleaf due to it’s high moisture contents of approximately 90.8gm per 100gm of the leaf. The leaf is sticky when cut and this is attributed to it’s high pectin content that supplies the dietary fiber.

Waterleaf is called Gbure in Yoruba, Ebedondon in Edo, and in English is called Philippine spinach, sweetheart, flame flower, florida spinach e.t.c.

The leaves are excellent for diarrhea, liver enlargement, and hepatitis. It is an excellent immune booster to those who often feel weak and tired, and those prone to frequent attacks of malaria.

Waterleaf enhance brain activities and protects brain tissues. Waterleaf is also a good remedy for insomnia ( sleeping disorder).

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It contains more protiens than cashew nuts, more pectin (a food fiber that helps digestion) than apples, and also has a high level of vitamin B, essential amino acids, omega3-fatty acids, resin, iron, calcium, copper, lead, manganese and zinc.

Waterleaf is good and safe for pregnant women and growing children, as it boost their blood levels. Waterleaf should be parts of pregnant women’s diet as the vegetable helps to prevent anaemia. This is beacuse the plant has the ability to clear bilirubin from blood, which suggests that it can help the red cells to remain longer and be effectively utilized by the body.

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Eating waterleaf regularly as soup helps to regulate hypertension and diabetes. Waterleaf is packed with essential antioxidants and soluble fibers that acts as a mild laxative. So if you will like to treat any irregularities in your body and restore your body to normalcy, eat enough waterleaf.

It regulates the blood sugar levels because it has Talinum triangulare, which is essential for managing diabetes mellitus. The high dietary contents of this vegetable can help to slow down the digestion and conversion of starch to simple sugars.

It also regulates the cholesterol level due to it’s high dietary fiber content. Waterleaf prevents cancer due to its high content of antioxidant. Studies reveal that it is suitable for preventing the onset of cancer and tumor growths.

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Waterleaf is also good for the management of cardiovascular diseases as it can be useful for preventing the onset of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, just as it helps in weight management.

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