South Carolina Quarterback Phil Petty’s Sons Morgan Petty Sage And McCoy

He passed away suddenly on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, at the age of 43. Petty is a well-known figure at South Carolina, starting every game while serving as Luholz’s quarterback for three years.

He finished his career with 5,656 South Carolina passing attempts, sixth all-time in throwing yards.

Who is Morgan Petty? Wife Phil

Morgan Petty and Phil Petty exchanged marriage vows, and they later became husband and wife.

Kyle Petty’s second wife, Morgan Petty, is expected to be in her 35s in 2022. However, her exact date of birth is not known to the wider world.

She is the executive director of a business her husband founded and oversees a sprawling empire. She is responsible for organizing and directing Kyle Petty’s successful multinational fundraising campaign.

The company hosts an annual motocross ride to raise money for charity. She also assists Kyle with various other charitable endeavors, including the Victory Junction Project.

Kyle established the hospital in memory of his late child, who died of a fractured skull at the age of 19. Children at Victory Junction get help when they face serious and unique medical conditions.

Phil Petty’s Children: Saints and McCoy

Sage and McCoy are Phil Petty’s two children.

Recently, Kyle Petty and his wife Morgan Petty posted a photo of their newborn baby on Instagram, which was later made public. In a photo he shared on Instagram, Kyle proudly showed off their adorable son.

Many who admired and followed him also took the time to comment on his success. Likewise, he revealed that his wife Morgan and their children are currently very healthy.

Overall, Kyle is the father of six children. Petty married Patty Petty in 1979, becoming his first wife. The following year, he married Morgan Petty 2015.

Austin Kemp Petty (1980–2000), Montgomery Lee Petty Schlappi, and Adam Kyler Petty are his three children (born 1982). His three children are all products of his first marriage. David Isley, Overton Owens Petty (b. 2018), Cotten Cable Petty, and Overton Owens Petty are four children from his second marriage to Morgan (b. 2020).

How did Phil Petty die?

Phil Petty passed away this morning after a long illness. He has been through a number of health issues since last Wednesday.

The exact cause of Petty’s death has not been disclosed to the public. Due to the surprising character of the obituary, some believe he suffered a heart attack before his death.

Likewise, his family keeps all information about him private. After learning of the tragic news of Petty’s passing, many fans took to the Internet to express their condolences to his family.

On his website, Shane Beamer wrote in a similar fashion: “I’m really sorry to see the amazing @GamecockFB. Phil Petty passed away. Praying and good thoughts for his family.”

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