South Lyon East Lockdown – Threat discovered in restroom prompts lockdown at South Lyon East High as police investigate the building

South Lyon East Lockdown – A potential danger of violence was discovered in a boys’ restroom at South Lyon East High School on Tuesday morning, resulting in the school being placed under lockdown. While the building is being searched, pupils are being confined in their classrooms by deputies from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office. The school district informed the parents of the issue through a communication that was sent to them shortly after 10 in the morning. Officials said in an email that they had been alerted of a statement that had been put on a wall in the boys’ bathroom on the third floor of the building. “This morning South Lyon East administration was informed of a message written on a wall in the boys’ bathroom.” The note read, “I’m going to shoot up this school on October 5th and 7th, and I have a gun, you SLEH b***h.”

According to the email, administrators at South Lyon East High School contacted the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office as well as district authorities as soon as they became aware of the situation. After the search of the building by the police has been completed, additional investigation into the message that was scribbled on the restroom stall will be carried out. After the completion of the investigation across the building, students will not be permitted to leave their homeroom classes.

This is not the first time that there has been a threat of a shooting at South Lyon East in 2018. After a threat of a shooting was discovered in January, the school was placed into lockdown for a period of four hours.

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