Sports Bloggers Left A Suicide Blog On His Website


Martin quit the magazine in 2012 to start his own sports blog. Known for his love of statistics, Manley created the Efficiency Rating, a basketball stat still in use today.

Business Insider claims that Manley started a website in 2013, where he spoke about his choice to commit suicide.

An obituary on Martin Manley’s death and why he died?

Martin Manley asserts that none of the “leading causes of suicide in adults” apply to him. He attributed his decision to a looming economic collapse, heightened world misery, and difficulties related to aging.

Manley said he didn’t want to die alone, in old age, or alone. He didn’t want to spend the rest of his life alone and accomplish nothing. So, he made a bold decision to leave this existence behind.

The author quit Star in 2012 to start his own sports website. Before he left, he created the Efficiency Rating, a measure of basketball still in use today.

Martin committed suicide on his 60th birthday. In the United States, more than 100 people commit suicide every day, and a significant number leave messages to grieving friends and family.

Some of it is vindictive, some is contrite, and some is inexplicably vague. However, only a few officials and close relatives actually read much of it.

Manley felt that confronting his friends and family over his death was not enough. He wants to speak to the public. He was eager to prove to the world, and perhaps most importantly to himself, that his life and death were justified.

The suicide blog on Martin Manley website shocks TikTok

The resurfacing of the story came as a shock to many TikTok users, who expressed disbelief in the video’s comment section.

One reader wrote: “Yes, I’m sure I’d rather be traumatized at work, even more so than I am now.

According to his website, Martin Manley developed a massive suicide site, prepaid 5 years of web hosting for Yahoo, and published his last post on his sports blog Thursday morning.

He committed suicide in front of the Overland Park Police Department, the Kansas City Star reported. It was his 60th birthday.

He claimed he wanted to write the deepest suicide letter in history on the website, which quickly went viral on social media. He then went on to explain why he wanted to kill himself, initially trying to describe it as a very deliberate act, that the man was “content with the last moment” in his life and wanted to get out of this world his way.

Manley’s fear of getting old was his main cause of death.

Sports blogger Martin Manley’s story goes viral on TikTok

For the past nine years, Martin Manley’s horrific story has drawn national attention. His story was made public on TikTok after a video went viral on the social media site.

The idea was furthered by a particular passage in which he uploaded what appeared to be GPS coordinates into a cache of gold and silver coins, sparking a horrific treasure hunt Thursday that ended in no results.

Manley’s desire to reassure everyone that he doesn’t regret taking his own life was one of the motivations for his suicide website. In the long run, Martin hopes his life will be remembered and his suicide is just a footnote.

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