STAN GRANT appointed full-time host of Q+A

Grant, one of our most accomplished journalists and presenters, begins solo hosting duties with a special edition of Q+A from this year’s Garma Festival in north-east Arnhem Land, which will broadcast on ABC TV at the special time of Monday August 1 at 9:35pm. 

Grant said:

“Garma is a talking place where the nation asks itself hard questions about who we are. It is an honour to take the helm of Q+A from there. 

“Hosting Q+A is a huge responsibility. I feel the weight of the audience’s trust in me and the program. I will approach my role with integrity, decency and humility.”  

Grant has for the past year shared the anchor’s chair on rotation with ABC Radio Melbourne Mornings presenter Virginia Trioli and Insiders host David Speers.  

ABC Director, News Justin Stevens said:

“ABC News is incredibly fortunate to have been able to call on three such exceptional journalists. I sincerely thank Virginia and David for their great contribution to the program, in addition to their other commitments. They have been outstanding.” 

Stevens said Grant was a natural fit for the position of sole host. 

“As well as being a hugely experienced journalist and presenter, Stan Grant plays a respected role in Australia’s key national conversations. Leading Q+A is a role that suits the breadth of his knowledge and talents.

“Q+A is unique in giving citizens a chance to participate in live-to-air discussion with Australia’s top thought leaders, policymakers and elected representatives, helping to hold power to account and facilitate constructive discussion about our nation and its future. 

“With Stan at the helm we’ll continue to explore ways to further develop Q+A, including how to get audiences even more involved.” 

Grant will also continue to present China Tonight and write his weekly column for ABC News Digital, as well as being involved in other ABC News projects.  

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