Stanford Professor Branded ‘Professor Karen’ over email to Black UC Berkeley Professor Speaks Out

After a very long, once again professor Karen is remaining the hot discussion among everyone since, something controversial made by her officially on the matter of receiving threats. Yes, you heard right, she made a call to the police on a black UC Berkeley professor who disliked her strategies and plans to facilitate the school’s math curriculum to boost “equity” among the students. As soon as the issue is catching the heat uncounted reactions are coming out from the side of users, because of this, the news has taken a different face, so below you could get everything.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Jo Boaler, an education lecturer at Stanford, and Jelani Nelson, a black CST (Computer Science Teacher) at Berkeley got into a massive spat that turned into an agonist due to support of Boaler regarding the new recommendations maths program in California’s school. The controversial suggestions are hitting the headlines among everyone on social media because somewhere it was a bit shocking and beyond the expectation of everyone. Because initially it was a normal thing but as time passed it turned into controversy and now you could see the consequences as disputes took place between them.

Reportedly, the controversial suggestion had liberated to increase the equity but they do not even amuse that it would be created a controversy up to the extent. Midst all these, the statement of “California Math Framework” also came out where they mentioned that she was charging $5000 an hour to peddle the contentious theories while ignoring the black academics. This is the reason she has been surrounded by the heavy spat as well, because as the time is passing the news is catching the new heat under which, many unexpected thoughts are also taking place on social networking sites.

Besides all these, a few tweets are also making their appearance on Twitter which are giving a different face to the incident, because of which, heavy reactions are coming out from the side of those who are getting acquainted with the news. But till now everyone is waiting for their statement because some anonymous reports are also coming with their own claim, and somewhere it would be inappropriate to consider them first over other reports. So here we have mentioned such details which have been derived from the other sources, and when something will come ahead we will make you familiar for sure.

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