Stephen Colletti Addresses Implication He Cheated on Kristin Cavallari

Stephen Colletti is clearing the air on the man he was painted out to be during his days on Laguna Beach.

Stephen and Kristin Cavallari have continued their mission to break down the secrets behind the iconic MTV series—and during the Aug. 16 episode of Dear Media’s Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen podcast, the 36-year-old shared that he wasn’t too pleased to be made out like a cheater with the show’s editing.

While fans may remember being on the edge of their seats over the show’s love triangle that was Stephen, Kristin and Lauren Conrad, the One Tree Hill actor explained that certain scenes were edited out of context to make it seem like he had cheated on the Uncommon James founder during their romance.

“I had a huge problem with this because look, obviously they created this show around this love triangle and there’s moments where you and I were broken up,” Stephen said to Kristin. “And they had learned about Lauren and I hooking up and being very good friends and, you know, obviously stuff happened at certain times, but at no point ever whenever we were together would I step out on you in that way.”

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