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Stop Saying “I Want to Go and Sleep”. This is the Correct Form of it.


For this month of August, I will also dedicate part of the articles to bring some English that is not correct and the correct form of them. Kindly follow me for me update on it and other Interesting articles,

Before we start on our topic for today, let me first Wish my followers a happy new month.

Let the first talk about Language.

Language is a system of communication with one another, either written or spoken. The language involved putting some characters together to form a meaningful sentence for the receiver to get the message.

In order to Communication efficiently using a particular language, you have to learn some rules and regulations of put that language’s characters together to make a meaningful sentence.

Let look at a common sentence that people do say especially at night when it’s time to sleep.

People will say “I want to go and Sleep”

From my perspective, this is not correct enough because not immediately you lie down on your bed you will fall asleep. Some people can still use 1 hour on the bed before they sleep.

I think the correct form of the sentence should be “I am going to bed”.

This sounds well and it doesn’t imply that you will sleep immediately you reach your bed. You can sleep 2 hours after you have been on your bed trying to sleep.

I think you have enjoyed my little research. More of it are still

We are all learners of the English language since it is not our mother’s tongue.

if you have another opinion about this, kindly Comment in the Comment box below for all of us to learn from your own knowledge too.