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Stop Spending On Air Fresheners, Here Is How To Make Your Home Smell Good Using Orange Peels



Nothing could be more unappealing and irritating for a visitor who came to see you in your home than a vicinity with an unpleasant smell. In other to curb this effect, the use of deodorants like air fresheners are usually employed.

A lot of air fresheners are prepared using strong chemicals so that their smell could be long lasting and on the reverse, this smell usually impact our health badly. In some cases, an asthmatic person can hardly survive in such a place and the strong smell a times seem unhealthy.

Here is a process through which our home could be naturally made to smell good by using orange peels. We all know how sweet and naturally pleasant scented orange is as a fruit, however some of us just didn’t know a wonderful means of using it to make our home smell good. Do you care to know the process? Well, it’s quite easy, read on to find out.

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Do you remember how your whole house could be graced with the scent of that stew you cooked in the morning till the rest of the day? Or house your room continues to smell orange till day break after eating an orange at night. This is the same mechanism followed by this process.

Boiling orange peels with cinnamon is going to change the smell of the entire house and the presence of Cinnamon shall make it last longer. It is a very healthy way of making your home to smell good. No risk of side effects and yet provides a very pleasant smell.