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Story Of Elvita Adams, The Lady Who Jumped From The Empire State Building But Still Survived



At the time of this occurrence, Elvita Adams was not even the first person to decide to jump from the Empire State Building. Over 25 people had successfully carried out suicide attempts from the 102 story building, located on West 34th Street in New York.

The first recorded incident occurred in 1931 when the building was yet to be completed. A man who had lost his job threw himself from the 58th floor of the building.

In 1947, there was the infamous Evelyn McHale, who jumped from the building, her body landing on a parked limousine.

With the story of these people jumping to their deaths from the top of the popular New York City skyscraper, Elvita Adams would have felt that choosing the same building, with a roof of about 1,250 feet tall, was going to yield the same result. But miraculously, something different happened.

On the evening of December 2, 1979, a 29-year-old Elvita Adams arrived at the New York skyscraper in Manhattan, to end everything once and for all.

She was devastated. She had lost her job and was surviving from welfare cheques that were not enough to pay her rent and take care of her 10-year-old son.

Facing eviction and confusion about what to do, a very saddened and depressed Adams settled on taking her own life by jumping from the 86th‐floor of the building.

The depressed lady first climbed over the fence that surrounded the platform for observation on the 86th floor and then jumped. All she expected was death by falling to the street below, however, she landed instead on a ledge of three feet on the 85th floor.

Strong wind gusts had saved (or stopped) her that day. The winds were so intense that they blew Adams’ body back, landing her on the 85th floor.

A security man who was on guard, heard her moaning, arrived at the floor’s window and pulled her in. Thereafter, she was admitted to Bellevue Hospital with a fractured pelvis.

Elvita was simultaneously placed under psychiatric observation.

At the hospital, she said she had traveled from the Bronx to Manhattan just to look at the city lights that were so pretty. She said that she wanted to reach out and touch them. After surviving the fall, all the young woman said she remembered was the pain.

“…I was in so much pain that I wasn’t afraid. . . I’m not sure if the wind

pushed me back, or pushed me off.”

According to the New York Times, four guards normally patrol the 86th‐floor of the Empire State Building’s observation deck, which is surrounded by an eight‐foot fence, spiked with iron.

The police admitted that they did not see when Adams jumped, but they considered the incident to be an attempted suicide.

Though Elvita Adams suffered a fractured hip, she was very much alive and doing well, going down as one of the few in history, if not the only human being, to have survived a jump from the 86th story of any building.

SOURCE: Weird Facts

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