‘Superman & Lois’ star cites ‘mental health’ for exit: ‘It’s been rough’


Jordan Elsass offers more on what led to his departure from The CW’s “Superman & Lewis” ahead of season three.

The 20-year-old – who played Jonathan Kent on the “Arrowverse” web show – cited his mental health issues in a cameo Post to twitter.

“As you can probably imagine, it’s been a tough few weeks and everything about the show is going on,” Elsas said in a video recorded for Cameo’s fans.

“It’s sad; it’s a real shame. I know I’m definitely excited for season 3, but what are you going to do? Mental health is definitely 100 percent a priority anyway,” he continued.

“There’s no question — it’s the pinnacle. It has to take precedence. And mine…the last few years…have been tough.”

Warner Bros. Television announced in a statement last week that Jordan Elsace will not be returning for a third season of the show.
Nino Muñoz/CW

“I need some time for myself,” he added in a stream of consciousness. “I’m still hesitant to act for a while. I might go in a different direction. I know it’s sure to disappoint some people.

“Not just like fans, but people in my circle,” Elsas admitted. “I think that might disappoint some people.”

He also revealed that he is not sure whether to return to show business in the future or to “start over and try new things”.

The Post has reached out to representatives for Elsass and The CW for comment on the new video.

Warner Bros. Television announced in a statement on Aug. 17 that Elsace would not be returning to the show due to “personal reasons.”

The company said his role would be recast.

Jordan Elsass attends the Hulu Little Fires Everywhere News Brunch at ROSS HOUSE on February 19, 2020 in Los Angeles, CA.   ‘Superman & Lois’ star cites ‘mental health’ for exit: ‘It’s been rough’ jordan elsass 647
Jordan Elsas admits he could “disappoint” those around him by not returning for season 3 of the show.
Getty Images for Hulu

Elsas reportedly did not appear at the Vancouver job where the actor was filming because he allegedly suffers from problems that may be related to mental health, a recent source said. tell deadline.

The producer was aware of his concerns, but it was unclear whether Elsass resigned or was fired, the report said.

Other shows in the network’s superhero universe include “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Supergirl,” and “Legends of Tomorrow.”

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