SZA Says Long-Awaited Album Is Finished, Explains Crutches at Grammys « CmaTrends

SZA revealed that her long-awaited sophomore major-label album, some six years in the making, is finally finished and on the way.

“I just finished it up in Hawaii,” she said in answer to Variety’s question. “And it’s coming soon!” Asked for details, she said , “I think it’s my most unisex album.” Met with a slightly confused response, she continued, “I think it’s for everyone.”

She also explained why she’s on crutches, which led to a rather comical moment in which she walked up the stairs to accept her first Grammy Award — on crutches with a long gown, which led to Lady Gaga holding her train for her.

“I fell out of bad before I came here,” to Las Vegas for the show, she quickly clarified. “Whenever something big happens to me, something crazy happens too,” she said.

The crutches led to a couple of comic moments as she walked on and offstage, first as she tried to balance her Grammy and hoped the heavy award didn’t cause her to fall, an also as she left and told her publicist, “I just don’t wanna take pictures in the wheelchair!”

SZA won the Grammy for her duet with Doja Cat, “Kiss Me More.”



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