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Tail The Pup Hot Dog Stand Re-Opens In West Hollywood


From “Columbus,” “The Muppets,” and “The Rockford Files” to “Los Angeles Story,” Los Angeles’ famous Tail ‘o the Pup hot dog stand has been part of the city’s film history since it opened in 1946.

In fact, the year it opened, type mentioned the scene In one column, “Tail o’ the Pup,” the upscale hot dog stand now has a $1 frankfurter. With caviar! ”

There’s currently no caviar on the dogs, but the new menu has something for everyone – classic dogs with bacon, jalapeños, sauerkraut, and more; gluten-free corn dogs, veggie hot dogs, and a selection of beef and veggie burgers.

The iconic stand that made room for the construction of the Sofitel has now been relocated to a spacious site on Santa Monica Boulevard west of La Cienega, which adds indoor seating and an upstairs terrace surrounded by a compact historic Hot dog shaped building. In the early 1900s, restaurants in the shape of hot dogs, chili bowls, tamales, bulldogs, and more — known as procedural buildings — attracted customers from all over Los Angeles. While many are now gone, conservationists and Los Angeles history buffs continue their efforts to protect the few that remain.

One of their most important allies was Bobby Green of the 1933 Group, who worked with Pup Formosa and Free Time, bringing one-of-a-kind attractions back to life with sensitive restorations and a premium menu.

Green, who has been eating at Pup since he was 10, bought the stall in 2018 from the family that owns it and scoured the city for space with sidewalk access and patio space where he could serve beer. When the West Hollywood space became available, Green was pleased to discover that this was also the location of the Doors rehearsal studio, where the band recorded “LA Woman.”

“What says Los Angeles more than that building?” Green asked.

The puppies themselves are also a popular spot for celebrities to photograph and visit. “Devos, Go-Gos, Stray Cats, tattoos from ‘Fantasy Island,’ Sigourney Weaver — new celebrity photos are coming all the time,” Green said of the stand’s famous patrons.

Also on the menu are milkshakes and soft serve ice cream, chili cheese fries, beer and wine, and of course a dog-centric menu including Bowser and puppies. “We make our own spreads,” Green pointed out.

So what’s next for Green and his efforts to keep the Los Angeles icon intact? Are there more wonders of native programming architecture on the chopping block he’s considering? Green said he recently considered acquiring the former Chili Bowl restaurant in Pico, West Los Angeles, but the owners ultimately weren’t interested in working with him. Now, he’s savoring the puppy’s rebirth as the top dog in a Los Angeles landmark.


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