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WATCH: Teacher In New Jersey Saves Choking Student With The Heimlich Maneuver Video Goes Viral On Social Media: A teacher from New Jersey saved one of her student’s life in her class. A dramatic video has been viral on social media and the teacher did such a hilarious task to save one of her students. A teacher from New Jersey performed a Heimlich maneuver to save a 9-year-old student from choking on Wednesday, April 6. The incident happened last Wednesday 6 April, when a 9-year-old student Robert attempted to open a water bottle using his teeth, after failing to open it with his hands. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Teacher In New Jersey Saves Choking Student Video

When it saw in the footage of the school, the footage shows the third-grader, immediately began choking on the cap and was unable to cough it out. Recalling the incident Robert said, “Robert is that 9-year-old student, whose throat choked” I started squeezing it a little and then the water pushed the cap to my throat. Then he runs toward the sink at the rear of the classroom to try to get it out.

But it was no good, he was going to sink trying to cough it out and he could not do anything, he ran very quickly to Ms. Jenkins. She did help him, to stop choking by performing the Heimlich maneuver. Ms. Jenikns is a third-grade teacher and she performed a well-done task. She saved a life. She was appreciated by the school staff and the parents of the student. She has become a favorite of everyone now, and social media netizens are also searching for her.

What is Heimlich Maneuver?

As we know through the above article, Heimlich Maneuver is a technique that is used by the East Community Charter School teacher after a grader attempted to open a water bottle using his teeth. Heimlich Maneuver is an emergency first aid measure for upper airway obstructions involving a series of abdominal thrusts to dislodge foreign objects that are sick in a person’s throat causing them to choke.

What did the teacher say, about her action?

When it asked Jenkins about the incident that happened in the school, she said “I saw he needed help and I just sprung into action to help him. He could not breathe, his face was pretty pale and he had a look of desperation on his face. She said that she was trained in CPR and basic first aid when she was a preschool teacher and recently took a refresher course.

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